Spaghetti Fundraiser was a HUGE success!

Albert Park Radisson heights breakfast at gfls

It's always the third Thursday of each month.  Next one is March 19th, 2020. 

Breakfast is continually served from 

9 am- 11am and it is delicious.  

Eggs, Sausage, Pancakes, Fruit, Coffee, Tea or Apple Juice. 

Donations welcomed!



 GFLS 55+ is proud to partner with the LINKages Society. LINKages facilitates innovative intergenerational programs and services which encourage involvement, transfer of knowledge, and capitalize on the strengths of youth and seniors to foster strong Alberta communities.

​Calgary Seniors' Resource Society - Outreach Program

Calgary Seniors' Resource Society provide a registered social worker/outreach worker at our facility each Wednesday afternoon from 1:00 pm until 4:00pm.
These services are free and confidential. Appointments are drop-in only.
Services provided by the Outreach Worker include:

- Assesses needs and recommends services that can help.
- Shares information on services available for older adults.
- Helps with applying for available benefits, transportation, and housing.
- Provides opportunities to meet new people in your community.
- Supports during difficult times such as the passing of a family member caregiver burnout,   elder abuse and mental health challenges.

If you would like more information on Outreach Services, or other programs and services provided by Calgary Seniors’ Resource Society, please call (403) 266-6200 or visit
Need more than one appointment? To get a referral for longer-term support call 403-SENIORS

Memory p.l.u.s.

 ​Memory P.L.U.S. (Practice, Laughter, Useful Strategies) is a community-based program offered by Alberta Health Services. People with a medical diagnosis of dementia, as well as their caregivers attend Memory PLUS for group support. They meet at Greater Forest Lawn Seniors Centre because of the generous donation of space. 

Good Fox Box

 What is the Good Food Box?

The Good Food Box (GFB) makes top-quality, fresh fruit and vegetables available in a way that does not stigmatize people, fosters community development and promotes healthy eating.

How does it work?

The GFB gives people in Calgary and surrounding areas a way to buy fresh fruit and vegetables at a very low cost.  A hands-up as opposed to a hands-out program, the GFB operates by buying bulk quantities of fresh, top-quality produce directly from farmers and distributors through the Food n More program.

The boxes, which are delivered according to a city-wide and surrounding areas schedule, contain the maximum produce possible for the price.

Participants pre-order their boxes from Greater Forest Lawn 55+ Society.  Once a month the boxes are delivered by Community Kitchen staff and dedicated volunteers to each depot.  Depots include churches, community centers, senior centers, apartment complexes, etc. Currently there are 160 depots in Calgary and surrounding areas, 70 of which are public.

Box size & cost
$25.00 - small 20+ lbs box
$30.00 - medium 30 lbs box
$35.00 - large 40+ lbs box

GFB fights hunger 

with good nutrition!​

  • All GFB's are pre-paid and are ordered on week before the monthly delivery.
  • Each box contains the same combination of fruit and vegetables, but the contents change with each delivery.
  • A depot can be any place where 5 or more boxes are ordered.


foot care clinic

 Jackie Drake and Tracey-Dubas-Ward are licensed, practical nurses offering foot care.
The cost is $30 per person. The Foot Clinic will be held on Wednesday by APPOINTMENT ONLY. Clinics will be held every 2nd Wednesday of each month.  

compass for the care giver

 Do you assist a family member or friend living with challenges resulting from disability, illness or aging? If you said yes, you are a caregiver and might benefit from attending this workshop. COMPASS for the Caregiver is open to anyone aged 18 or older.
The COMPASS for the Caregiver workshop is facilitated by a volunteer who understands how hard caring for someone else can be. The workshop encourages caregivers to recognize that in order to care for a loved one, they must first care for themselves. Participants find their strength and accept their limitations as together they tackle some of the most challenging aspects of caregiving:

  • Difficult emotions like guilt and resentment
  • Dealing with family, friends and health professionals who just don’t seem to understand
  • Managing stress and depression
  • Finding time for yourself

Workshop participants meet in the evenings once per week for eight weeks Starting Friday January 17th. Here’s what a typical workshop schedule looks like:
Week 1: Caregiver characteristics
Recognize your role as a caregiver and take pride in your contributions to a healthy society.
Week 2: The emotional journey
Explore your emotions and put feelings of guilt into perspective while recognizing your strengths, needs and challenges.
Week 3: The balancing act
Explore grief and loss, and how to foster hope and seek balance in caregiving.
Week 4: Improving communication
Gain confidence and learn how to communicate what you need, ask for help, and share the care.
Week 5: Putting yourself first
The hardest lesson; regain your identity as a whole person by taking care of yourself first.
Week 6: Managing stress
Learn how stress can lead to burnout and what you can do to prevent or recover from burnout.
Week 7: Navigating the system
Increase your confidence in accessing services and learning about Caregivers Alberta
Week 8: Planning for the journey ahead
Reflect on your caregiving journey and plan for the future to avoid the stress associated with uncertainty.
Participants gather again 4-6 weeks after the eighth session for a follow-up, and to share successes and challenges.
For more information and to sign up please contact or call 1-855-792-3726.